Who are we?

Agaamin.in allows you to buy Smart Names (SNs) on TLDs in Indian regional scripts, English and Emojis. This allows the name to communicate information efficiently about you as the user.

What are smart names and how do I resolve them in my browser?

These Smart names are based on TLDs rooted on the Handshake. It is outside of ICANN. You can resolve handshake domains easily by upgrading you DNS. Thankfully you can do that for free with a few simple clicks by using HDNS (hdns.io) or Fingertip (https://impervious.com/fingertip.html)

Is the TLD secure?

The TLDs are secured on the handshake blockchain. The root zone of all TLDs on Handshake are maintained securely in a decentralised environment.

We are a registrar - can we sell domains on handshake TLDs?

Please contact support@agaamin.in

I own a handshake TLD - can I sell domains on it with your system?

Please contact support@agaamin.in

Is my info safe?

Yes. We will never share your email address. We use best in the industry encrypted payment gateways to ensure your information remains safe.

How do I manage the SNs I have bought from agaamin?

You can manage your domains from the dashboard on your account on Agaamin.in What are your terms of service? What is the gateway.io privacy policy? You can see our Terms of service HERE and our privacy policy HERE.

Do you accept crypto payments?

Not as of now, however we will look to introduce crypto payments as soon we have some clarity on the regulatory aspects of the same.

Can I get a refund on my account credit?

Refunds on account credit are not allowed. Can I use multi-factor authentication to add security to my agaamin.in account? Yes, there is an option to turn Authy on for your account by editing your account details. I don't think Authy worked because I wasn't asked for it when logging in.

If you enter the correct code from a computer, for convenience we store a cookie there so you don't have to enter the code each time you log in. If you'd rather enter the code each time, simply make sure to log out of agaamin.in the cookie will be deleted.

Can I push my domain to another Agaamin.in user? What is the fee? We are working on this currently. We should be able to roll out this feature soon.